Walking the Post Road

Buckingham Avenue in Milford, the old and somewhat forgotten road from New Haven into the center of Milford. Notice the train tracks on the right. On the left side are the parking lots and rear entrances to many of the offices, stores, restaurants, and government buildings that face on to New Haven Avenue, the modern entrance to Milford Center.

“Throughways, no matter what they are named, do not really run through Connecticut or Massachusetts, or any other state. They operate in a sort of Never-Never land of Round Rivers, Mixed Meridians, False Creeks, and Big Rock Candy Mountains. For many miles you pass through a countryside as strange to you as the Gobi desert...possibly it is the compelling speed on the new turnpikes that numbs the senses, the panoramic blur of the swiftly passing scene, as if the way were bordered with an endless picket fence.”

Stewart Holbrook, The Old Post Road, 40-41.

Distance Walked in the Entry:  5.40 miles

Total Distance Walked in Connecticut:   102.61miles

Total Distance Walked for this Project (from Boston):  273.1 miles

Distance Remaining to New York: 73 miles


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  13. 13. Two other taverns to mention-- Hamilton stopped at Gibbs in Milford August 29, 1744. Bicknell lists an Andrew Sanford’s in Milford in 1687. Some of these taverns must be one and the same but I am not sure which.

  14. 14. Thanks to the helpful librarians at the Milford Public Library, especially for access to the Milford History Room with its fine collection of local history books.