Walking the Post Road

New England summer without ice cream- Unthinkable! Hill-Top Creamery, 5720 Post Road, East Greenwich/North Kingstown line, Rhode Island.

“ Being thus agreably entertain’d without a thou’t of anything but thoughts themselves, I on a suden was Rous’d from these pleasing Imaginations, by the Post’s sounding his horn, which assured mee hee was arrived at the Stage, where we were to Lodg; and that musick was then most musickal and agreeable to me.”

Sarah Kemble Knight, on arriving at Havens’ Tavern, North Kingstown, Rhode Island, Tuesday October 3, 1704.


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Distance Covered in this entry: 11.04 miles

Total Distance covered in Rhode Island: 71.7 miles

Total Distance Covered for this Project: 140.4 miles