Walking the Post Road

The “Rosetta” Milestone which reads “14 Miles to NH” located in the grass at the intersection of East Broadway and Ferry Boulevard in Stratford, Connecticut.  I used this stone to fix my position on a 1789 map of the road from Stratford to New York.

“ A mile or so west of the Housatonic River, the Post Road curves sharply as one enters the town of Stratford. No. 14 stands on the south side of the highway, just before one reaches the aforesaid curve. It is of light gray, field stone, cone shaped: about 2½ feet high; and bears a large and plainly read inscription. In 1924 this stone was uprooted from its location, but was later reset nearby. It bears the date 1768.”

Henry P. Sage, “Ye Milestones of Connecticut”, in Papers of the New Haven Historical Society, Volume X, 1951, 41-2.

Distance Walked in the Entry: 2.0 miles

Total Distance Walked in Connecticut: 104.6 miles

Total Distance Walked for this Project (from Boston):  275.1 miles

Distance Remaining to New York:  71.0 miles


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