Walking the Post Road

A last look back uphill at West Putnam Avenue (US1) in Greenwich, Connecticut from Port Chester, New York, across the Byram River.

“ ‘Farewell, Connecticut,’ said I, as I passed along the bridge. ‘I have had a surfeit of your ragged money, rough roads, and enthusiastick people.’ ”

Alexander Hamilton, Itinerarium, 171, on leaving Connecticut, at noon on Thursday, August 30, 1744.


  1. 1. Manasseh Cutler, Life Journals and Correspondences of Reverend Manasseh Cutler by his grandchildren, Robert Parker Cutler and Julia Perkins Cutler, Volume I (Cincinnati: Robert Clarke & Co., 1888), 224. Cutler was on his way to visit Congress in New York (the Federal Capital in 1787) in his role as an agent for the Ohio Company in order to secure title to lands in the Northwest Territory for settlement. Not only was he successful, but he played a major role in the drafting the Northwest Ordinance, the first piece of legislation concerning territorial expansion, which set the precedent for the expansion westward of the United States. Still, he had time to write about his experience in Greenwich as his rate of travel was significantly slower than that of contemporary lobbyists.

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  3. 3.Jacques Pierre Brissot de Warville, New Travels in the United States of America, 87. Brissot came through in August, 1788.

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  5. 5.Alexander Hamilton, Itinerarium, 169. Hamilton’s passage occurred on Thursday, August 30, 1744.

  6. 6.George Washington, Diary, 21 and 52. President Washington passed through Greenwich on Thursday October 16, 1789 and returned Thursday November 12, 1789.

  7. 7.Frederic Wood, The Turnpikes of New England, 336. The first tollgate in the country was established on what became the Fairfax and Loudon Turnpike over the Blue Ridge Mountains from Alexandria, Virginia, in 1786, while the second was established a few months before the Greenwich Toll Road in 1792 between New London and Norwich, Connecticut.  Connecticut had a universally bad reputation for roads and thus there was a zeal for turnpikes in the state.

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Distance Walked in the Entry: 3.72 miles

Total Distance Walked in Connecticut:  142.98 miles

Total Distance Walked for this Project (from Boston): 313.6 miles

Distance Remaining to New York: 33.5 miles