Walking the Post Road

St Paul’s Church National Historic Site, Mount Vernon, New York, a reminder of the old road hidden away in an industrial area on the edge of  the Bronx.

“By this dignity of walking (and in Tibetan speech a human may be an ‘erect goer’ or ‘the precious going one’) pilgrims acquire future merit and earthly happiness...”

Colin Thubron, To a Mountain in Tibet. (Harper, 2011) From a chapter published in The New York Review of Books, Volume LVIII, Number 4, March 10, 2011, page 26.


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  13. 13. I also wish to thank Mike Callahan of the NPS at St. Paul’s Church National Historic Site in Mount Vernon for his interest and assistance.

Distance Walked in the Entry: 4.4 miles

Total Distance Walked in New York State:  14.6 miles

Total Distance Walked for this Project (from Boston):  328.2 miles

Distance Remaining to New York (Bowling Green):  19 miles