Walking the Post Road

A path through Central Park roughly along the route of the original Boston Road.  The road was obliterated from 110th Street to Madison Square at 23rd Street.  The old road passed through what is now Central Park for about twenty blocks, from 110th Street to 92nd Street, before continuing through the Upper East Side. 

“After leaving Twenty-seventh Street and Third Avenue the traveler was in the country.  There was no other settlement until Yorkville was reached, nearly two miles beyond.”

Description of a trip to Harlem in the 1840s by John F. Mine in A Tour Around New York, 1893, 234.


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Distance Walked in the Entry:  5.52 miles

Total Distance Walked in New York State: 32.4 miles

Total Distance Walked for this Project (from Boston):  346.1 miles

Distance Remaining to New York (Bowling Green): 3 miles